Reading Response: “Why I’m Not a Maker”


Why I’m Not a Maker is an article written for Atlantic magazine by Debbie Chachra.

The article describes Chachra’s distaste for the connotations surrounding the word “maker” and how it encompasses a group of people instead of identifying a facet of ones endeavors.

The word to Chachra puts people who happen to make things on a glorified platform compared to others who do not participate in making or inventing.

She also touches on the group of people who have consistently had, and have primary access to making things due to societal expectations and privilege.

Chachra notes that men have predominately been seen as makers, and that there is an expectation for makers to always make new instead of focusing on the “repair, analysis, and caregiving”(Chachra) of pre-existing inventions.

Final Thoughts

I thought this article was really interesting, and it provided me with a new take on maker society. It is easy to be attracted to the fast paced innovative nature of the maker movement, and not really pay attention to the social and ethical effects of it.


Chachra, Debbie. “Why I’m Not a Maker.” The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 23 Jan. 2015. Web. 15 Dec. 2016.


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