Zine Day!


Today in class we learned about zine culture.

Zines are little independently made, unique, handcrafted magazines that can be made on basically any topic.

A lot of zines are used to express some sort of idea or opinion, or to promote a movement.

Zines can be political, punk, goofy, satirical, dark, goth, cheerful and playful.

In class we tried our hand at creating our own zines and were given an instructional guide (pictured above) on how to fold a regular rectangular piece of paper into a basic zine format.

I chose to make my zine based on funny quotes from my mom that I’veĀ been collecting over the years.

The zine turned out great, and I was able to give it to my mom in time for her birthday which was nice. This class was really a great time and I had a lot of fun making the zine and seeing the zines that my classmates were able to come up with.